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We pride ourselves in bringing you the best at the cheapest cost.
to Now serving the Washington State 1502 Area
McCleary, WA.
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$1.70 pre-rolls
greenhouse flower
$6 Each

Struggling to cope with aches and pains? Smoke one of our pre-rolled
fatties and we guarantee you won’t feel your face.
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Delicious Cannabis
No sulfer No Matches

Taste our delicious Concentrates blended with pure THC
extract, be careful though as these are some Strong dabs
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leaf Washington State's Favorite Cannabis Brand

Growing up around poverty as a young Black man Cannabis in the neighborhood was a way to get cash fast but it didn’t take a couple of friends from the neighborhood to go to prison for years  or being diagnosed with PTSD and Major depression for 2piece to realize he could utilize cannabis as a plant that will soon bring the world closer together.

2piece used his music in order to push his African American Cannabis Brand and in the fall of 2019, 2piece Cannabis was featured in over 25 retail shops around Washington State

Thanks for all the supporters and fans.

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